Sheer Beauty

I LOVE skirts, especially when they are flouncy, full and floral! They make me feel so totally feminine and lovely. Designing and making this Sheer Beauty brings the same kind of joy! You may not know this about me, but I consider myself a dollmaker… read more »

Mason Jar Makeover

“Creative Medium”. What a perfect name for a product that’s an artist’s dream of versatility! It’s one of those products that I find exciting and rewarding to experiment with since successes with new ideas are plentiful! Have you seen all the hype about Modge Podge?… read more »

Cameo Memo

Lace, cameos and pearls are classic favorites of mine! I collect and wear them often, and so it’s not surprising that they would show up in my projects as well. Since my kitchen is designed in a black and white color scheme, I decided to make […]… read more »

He Has Risen!

“He has risen!” … “He has risen, indeed!” These are words that are part of our family traditions at Easter. My mother-in-law started this lovely tradition…a few days before Easter we put our names in a hat then everyone in the family randomly picks the name […]… read more »

Nap Time Sign

I designed this nap time sign for our eldest daughter, Jessica to use with our Grandies, Landon and Victoria. I hope she also likes my acrostic poem, (knowing her she’ll probably use it in their nap time ritual). She’s such a wonderful Mama! I sure miss my nap time ritual with Landon!… read more »