Birthday Roses

Pinkaliciousness…okay, I know that’s not a real word, it’s a combination of the words, pink and deliciousness, however, it does perfectly describe the yummy pink roses I got for my birthday.… read more »


I had fun throughout the entire process of painting “Thoughtful”. Even though it didn’t turn out the way I had originally envisioned, it was colorful at every level! As I worked on it… read more »

Roses for Mom – In Loving Memory

The process of painting is a gift in many ways for me. One of these is when I’m working through grieving the loss of a loved one. This week I finished a rose painting created for Linda Campbell, my mother-in-law, as she was dying of Lymphoma…… read more »

Blossoming Friendships

Flowers, cultivating art and friendship, and Belgian Chocolate…what a lovely combination! I had a perfect day this week when my dear friend, Heather and I spent the day painting flowers together. We’ve both had the desire to learn watercolor floral painting for years, and we’ve final […]… read more »

Faith Art Friday ~ Wild Flowers

It’s fun to let my imagination go wild! Sometimes I need to step out of my productive work-artist role and simply play like a child… read more »