Mason Jar Makeover

“Creative Medium”. What a perfect name for a product that’s an artist’s dream of versatility! It’s one of those products that I find exciting and rewarding to experiment with since successes with new ideas are plentiful! Have you seen all the hype about Modge Podge?… read more »

He Has Risen!

“He has risen!” … “He has risen, indeed!” These are words that are part of our family traditions at Easter. My mother-in-law started this lovely tradition…a few days before Easter we put our names in a hat then everyone in the family randomly picks the name […]… read more »

Nap Time Sign

I designed this nap time sign for our eldest daughter, Jessica to use with our Grandies, Landon and Victoria. I hope she also likes my acrostic poem, (knowing her she’ll probably use it in their nap time ritual). She’s such a wonderful Mama! I sure miss my nap time ritual with Landon!… read more »

Blooming Rocks Tutorial

Blooming Rocks are a fun and easy decoupage project that can be made by anyone, any age. Why not have a craft party!… read more »

Sweet as Honey Jar

I LOVE to decoupage!! I love tearing or cutting pretty papers and placing them as I wish on an object. I love that a flat design can become a 3-D object so easily. And I love being able to use that creation and therefore see that […]… read more »