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Healing Hearts Ministry and their women’s shelter, The Victory House provides services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault (such as transitional housing, counseling, classes, child support, food, legal assistance, court advocacy, job training, bible study, and ‘Fresh Start’ support, among other services). Healing Hearts Ministry is professionally run by compassionate godly women, and many volunteers, who work any hour to help the victims that come to them for help. If they can’t directly help them, they work until they find other support. Nobody is turned away. Hundreds of women and children (and men) are shown God’s love, taken care of, and given opportunities to start new happy lives every year!

My heart was pounding with compassion for the victims, and excitement for the possibilities, because I knew that God had given me the gifts I needed to make a huge difference in the lives of the women at The Victory House.

Knowing from experience that adding beauty to a living environment gives the gifts of love and a hopeful future, I have been transforming The Victory house room-by-room, bringing light into the darkness for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. This passion has spread to family, friends, church members and community groups motivating them to use their resources and gifts to help women and children in need.

This successful crisis center has recently been thrown into their own crisis, as they scramble to keep the doors open. Due to changes in federal government grant requirements, the ministry is in need of support and financial commitments and one-time donations to continue this valuable organization. Please help and pray for Healing Hearts Ministry family crisis center and The Victory House women’s shelter! All the Healing Hearts Ministry workers and clients are walking in faith, trusting that God will answer prayers and continue to bless the future of this ministry.

Do you have a heart for helping others less fortunate than you? You can be an important part of this beautiful story! Here are ways you can make a difference today!…

  • WATCH the FOX4 news report video then share their story on all your social networks and send this post to everyone you know asking the same of them. Make it go viral! You never know who will see it…resulting in a powerful impact on this ministry!
  • GO to to learn more, read testimonials, see before/after photos of The Victory House, contact someone to ask questions, and GO DONATE.
  • PRAY for crisis relief and enough support to continue successfully for years to come!
  • SERVE one another with LOVE, for it is far greater to give than to receive!

Thank you with heartfelt gratitude!

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  1. Sorry I can’t help from this distance – keep up the good work.

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