New Penny Black Stamp Release: Blossoming Hearts

Hearts with flowers, and roses designed from my heart…

Lately, my designing and creative time has been so peaceful and filled with joy! I believe that’s reflected in the final products and so I’m quite happy that Penny Black has just released these two stamp sets, “Heart Swatches” and “Rose Edging“. They are my  favorite stamp sets to date! I could go wild using them everywhere! They are also very special to me since they remind me of the time when I was drawing them, a season of trial when my family was engulfed in living out love and awareness of God’s constant presence.

Heart Swatches clear stamp setHeart Swatches

I’m quite pleased to have contemporary-styled hearts mixed with simple classic heart shapes in a variety of sizes that aren’t too cutesie. I’d been looking for them on the market and when I couldn’t find the right stamp set I decided to make exactly what I’d was seeking. I love the nature-inspired and graphic elements and how they can stand alone as a statement design, or be combined in a collection.

The Rose Edging stamps are created to be repeated end-to-end so they can be used around or along the edge of an object (“T” for Transparent clear stamps makes this easy.) Try stamping a long border on a ribbon, banner, tablecloth, cuffs & collars, lampshade, around a container or a tray, or on the edge of a piece of furniture… endless ideas for this pretty set!

Rose Edging clear stamp setRose Edging

I also designed these sets with versatility in mind varying the border styles, widths, sizes, and amount of  inked surfaces. They are great for standard paper stamping techniques as well as more creative uses. Enjoy experimenting with coloring in, watercolor washes, embossing on paper or velvet, or even impressing in clay or fondant. They are the ideal “go-to” stamps for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and friend’s birthdays. I’ll  favor using them on love notes I often leave for my hubby and grown children.

When I was drawing these flower borders months ago my time was limited but my ideas were blooming fast. I decided to organize the designs in a specific floral theme per stamp set, and roses won as my first choice. I have many others waiting on my drawing table for another release. Do you have a favorite type of flower that you’d love to have in a stamp set? Do you prefer borders alone, or in addition to large bouquets and small single flowers? It’s always wonderful to hear from you about your stamp wishes. And, it’s a thrill to design stamps for you and then seeing the gorgeous things you create with them! Thanks for that blessing!

Thankful and praising God for the work He has given me and the friends that have blossomed along the way!

Creatively Yours,


  1. These are beautiful Laura, I love your style and it blesses me to see your designs! Gorgeous!! {{{hugs}}} Linda

  2. Oh what  blessed designs – love them both Laura.  I may even be compelled to buy them :-).
    I was thinking the other day you have not blogged for a while and I was missing your posts, so I am glad to see you here and be able to wish you a blessed Christmas to you and yours.

  3. Laura, I think the sets are beautiful. I agree with Linda. I love your style and your designs are so you. If I don’t get a chance to say it, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas time.

  4. Oh these are beautiful Laura! I have missed seeing your posts so I was thrilled to see your blog post in my email today… your work is always amazing and I too might be compelled to go shopping!

    I hope you and your family have a wonderfully blessed Christmas!!!

  5. Marjorie Pomeroy says:

    The designs are lovely and I can think of endless uses for the stylish hearts especially. Thank you, Laura, for designing with your heart intact, willing and very ready to share with others. You help me realize the value of being a live long learner…and creator of goodness! Blessings this Christmas time with your precious family. Your Connect&Create friend, forever, Marjorie

  6. Laura, these are beautiful!! I really like both of them! What a wonderful thing that you were able to create this beauty with your gifts and talents in the midst of tough times. That’s a real encouragement to me right now as we have been experiencing cloudy days here, as well.
    I’m thrilled you are sharing these with us as stamps. They are definitely going on my wish list!
    Blessings Friend! May the Joy and Peace of the Christ fill you all!

  7. Dear Laura,
    Sending warm wishes to you and your family for a wonderful Christmas and much health and happiness for 2014.

    Sending big hugs your way!

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