He Has Risen!

Easter Eggs - He Has Risen-2

“He has risen!” … “He has risen, indeed!”

These are words that are part of our family traditions at Easter. My mother-in-law started this lovely tradition…a few days before Easter we put our names in a hat then everyone in the family randomly picks the name of their “secret person”. We each decorate a hollow hen’s egg with our special person in mind. On Easter morning, the first time we see our secret person, we present the egg and say, “He has risen!”, and they respond, “He has risen, indeed!”. We love this warm uplifting Easter morning greeting, a reminder of the reason for our day’s celebration, and the hope it brings us all!

I’ve always loved decorating eggs and have fond childhood memories of the thrill of lifting a white egg out of a cup full of dye to discover the colorful transformation. Our chickens lay brown and light blue/green eggs that are not ideal for dyeing but are perfect for decorating in ways that show off the natural colors.  No worries non-hen owners, naturally brown eggs are available at most grocery stores.

Hollow eggs

Today’s Easter egg project was inspired by lettered eggs I saw in a popular decorator catalog. I looked at them closely and thought, “That’s just made with dots! I could do that with a Sharpie marker!”,  and you can too! Here’s how…

First hollow the eggs. I’ve hollowed my eggs using Blas-Fix for years and I LOVE it! I remember making myself dizzy as a kid blowing out eggs, this method uses a tool instead of your lungs! The Blas-Fix comes with instructions in five languages, including English. It’s inexpensive, quick and easy!


Use the special egg drill to create a hole anywhere on an egg. (I drill in the center of the largest end, the bottom). Place the drill point on the egg and gently twist and push the drill.

Gently drill

Once a little indentation is created, continue gently and slowly twisting and drilling until it’s made a hole in the shell.

Egg hole

The first time you use Blas-Fix you’ll need to place the needle onto the accordion pump. Remove the protective needle cover, (replace after use when storing). Hold the egg over a bowl with the egg hole facing down and insert the needle into the hole. Stab the needle into the egg several times to pierce the yolk and make it easier to come out.

Then with a thumb over the bellows hole, squeeze the pump a few times to pump air into the egg.  After each time you pump, remove your thumb so more air can fill up the pump. As you pump air into the egg the yolk and white will fall out of the shell into the bowl. (If the egg shell is weak and too much air is pumped into it without some of the egg coming out then it can break. If this happens, throw away that egg and start again with a new one.) Continue pumping until shell is empty.

Blow egg

Always rinse the egg and  pump immediately. Fill another bowl with clean water, squeeze the bellows, submerge in the water and release the bellows, which will allow water to fill up the pump via the bellows hole. Put thumb over hole to keep the water in, insert the needle into the egg and squeeze the water into the egg. Shake the egg to distribute the water and clean all inside surfaces. Pump the water out of the egg same as above, pumping air into the egg with the hole facing down. Repeat 2-3 times for each egg.

Rinse the outside of the egg and Blas-Fix in running water. Dry with paper towel. This entire process takes about one minute per egg and you can use the yolk and whites for cooking or baking if you refrigerate immediately and use within a day or two. Easy peasy Blas-Fix squeezy!


Now to decorating! Write a simple letter on the hollow egg with a fine point Sharpie marker.

Step 1

Using a pouncing motion, make dots all along one side of each line. Don’t try to make them uniform in size or placement.

Step 2Repeat dots on other side of lines.

Step 3

Add simple serifs. Repeat for each egg. It’s that easy!

Step 4

They can be displayed in a bowl with basket grass or paper shreds.

Easter Eggs - He Has Risen-1

Or lined up on a shelf or window sill.

Easter Eggs - He Has Risen-3

I used pretty napkin rings to hold mine.

Easter Eggs - He

You can also use egg cups or make your own decorative holders. Here is a quick and easy egg holder made from embossed Spellbinders Craft Foil.

Embossed foil egg holder

For each egg holder cut a strip of Spellbinders Craft Foil 5″ X 1″. Place on Spellbinders M-Bossabilities embossing folder (I used Elite, side “A”,) and run through Grand Calibur die cut machine. Trim top edge of embossed foil with decorative edge scissors. Roll over a small round object like a spice jar. It stays in place, but you can glue the ends together if you wish.

When not using this pretty little piece to hold your eggs use it as a napkin ring, a crown for a candlestick angel, or a bottle neck decoration. The eggs and holders make great Easter gifts too! Whatever you decide to do with these projects, enjoy the process!

Angel crownBottle neck decoration

“He has risen!” … “He has risen, indeed!”

Happy Easter!

Creatively Yours,


  1. These are beautiful Laura – I especially like the wee ‘rings’ you have made.
    I  love that you greet each other with the Words ‘Christ is Risen” – “He is risen indeed” Those are such special words.
    May your Easter bring you many blessings.

  2. This is heartwarming Laura – I love the way you have set the focus for Easter – gifts from the heart are always perfect, especially as we celebrate the most amazing gift of all – HE is RISEN INDEED! God bless you and your family!! {{{hugs}}}

  3. Beautiful project, Laura! I really like the creative ideas for ‘storing’ the hand crafted egg rings!
    And best of all~He is Risen! And I’m so thankful for the ‘family’ I have because of that fact.
    A blessed weekend and celebration to you and your family.

  4. MariLynn says:

    He has risen indeed. I love this craft. Thanks for sharing. Hope that you and your family have a blessed Resurrection Sunday!

  5. What a wonderful project Laura! I have never heard of Blas Fix! I’m still using my lungs! LOL! Love the natural colors of eggs your own chickens lay! I try to buy only free range eggs and I love how they are all different sizes too! I love your family tradition as well… a great way to keep everyone focused on the joyous meaning of the day, especially after the sorrow of all our Savior went through to pay the price for our sins!

    He IS risen indeed!

    Have a blessed Easter!!!!

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