Blossoming Friendships

Heather and Laura beaming with joy!

Flowers, cultivating art and friendship, and Belgian Chocolate…what a lovely combination! I had a perfect day this week when my dear friend, Heather and I spent the day painting flowers together. We’ve both had the desire to learn watercolor floral painting for years, and we’ve final made it happen.

We are both beginning watercolor artists. We got together to paint to help build our confidence before our 3-day Kay Barnes watercolor workshop later this week. So, moving beyond our fear and equipped with a few hints from a how-to book, our limited knowledge of watercolor painting, excellent supplies and Heather’s photo of a Peony, we took the leap!

We were both surprised and gleefully delighted with the results! This cute photo shows us at the end of our fun day with our almost-finished paintings. Neither one of us expected to have been able to create a pretty enough painting that we could frame them and hang them on our walls. Her results are most amazing as she has never had watercolor lessons before and has also never created a painting this large (16″ X 20″!) Be sure to visit Heather’s blog to read her post and see her gorgeous painting. As a former professional muralist, this canvas was small for me, but size can be intimidating, and Heather quickly moved right past all the perceived obstacles and bravely painted like a pro! Aw, you should’ve seen her face when I held up her painting from a distance to show her what a marvelous work she’d created! She almost cried with joy!! That was the BEST moment of the day!

A beautiful friendship begins with the seeds of a smile and grows into an ever-blooming flower garden of joy!

But more than what we accomplished artistically, we grew our friendship through this special time together. It was a timely gift from God for me as I’d have been going through a painful experience of dashed dreams and the crushed spirit of a broken relationship. I believe we’ve made amends and started the process of reconciliation. However, these heart issues can drain all the life out of creativity, which is stressful when my business counts on my creative productivity. So, being able to enjoy the day with Heather was refreshing for my soul – it was filled with laughter, support and love for each other as we shared our hearts and watched puddles of paint drip off our brushes and dance over the paper. My natural response is to praise and thank the Lord for my friendship with Heather and the blessing of our Peony painting project!

I finished my painting the next day, put it in a frame and hung it in my foyer. It’s a reminder of moving past fears and into a place of confidence and a motivation to paint more. And, it symbolizes the beauty of wonderful friendships and how they can grow into a garden of blossoms that fill us with joy!

Creatively Yours,


  1. Wonderful words of encouragement. Laura. And both paintings are stunning! I really enjoy peonies. They always remind me of my mom and the end of school. Mom had peonies in the yard all the years I was growing up, and my sister and I would take some of them to our teachers at the end of the school year.

  2. MariLynn DeGroot says:

    Laura, your painting is beyond fabulous. I love all the shades and colors. I especially love how you did the centers. Praising God, with you, for this time of refreshment. Some of my best memories crafting were when my neighbor and I would meet after we got out little ones to bed. Both of our husbands worked nights. I would take my baby monitor and go next door to her house and we would paint, craft and create, but most of all just enjoy each others company and encouragement. It has been awhile since I have anyone physically close to me that enjoys crafting,. I’m thankful that God has at least given my internet friends who I can craft with to the far corners of the earth. Not quite the same as actually being there, but a blessing none the less.

  3. tabitha grace jones says:

    Your beautiful painting radiates such a special glow – just like you do! You did amazing –
    it’s really a breathtaking piece. I love the color palette and your composition is awesome!
    Besides the fact that these are my favorite flowers. May you continue to enjoy wonderful blessings that can only come from our God.


  4. Oh how beautiful Laura!!! Just amazing artwork on both counts! Even more special that the two of you were able to just enjoy the challenge together, and were able to laugh and have fun together while creating! I so long for someone to craft with, but there isn’t anyone close by who wants to craft together. I am so happy for you to enjoy that special experience, and that you are praising God for the refreshment!

  5. You captured our day beautifully Laura! I feel the very same way about you too! Your friendship is one I cherish.  It was a rather magical day for me too-it opened the door to something new in me. Thanks for being there to share it with me!  

  6. Oh Laura what a beautiful painting – I am sure the joy you felt when painting with a friend has been reflected in the results.  What a refreshing blessing in a dry period.

  7. OH MY! That flower painting is AMMMMMMMMMMMMMMAZING! It looks so real—beautiful shading and use of techniques! LOVE LOVE LOVE:) 

  8. Your painting is spectacular Laura – I love the way you have excelled with the Water Colours – you are amazing! Gorgeous colours, the light and shade is divine! What a wonderful time you and Heather have had – your paintings are both gorgeous, yet reflect your own unique style – DIVINE! I wish there was a ***LOVE*** button on your blog!! {{{hugs}}}

  9. There are not enough beautiful words to describe your painting. Gorgeously magnificent just begins to express this piece!

  10. Oh wow Laura, what beautiful paintings and love the depth of color on each petal. Really quite amazing and what a lovely addition to your wall decor I am sure. What a great reminder of what a blessing friendships are!!! Hugs!

  11. Hello Laura!  WOW is all I can say.  I just seen your new website for the first time and everything is sooooo beautiful!!!  What a blessing to have a friend like Heather and be able to share a love for your crafting together.  Those paintings are GORGEOUS!  I made it through 5 classes in oil and acrylic in June (3 of them were intermediate and I’m a beginner so I was really nervous).  I loved it.  I haven’t had as much time as I would have liked to continue with my skills though.  I’m very slow.    All of your new products are just stunning!!  LOVE the embossing templates.  Thanks you so much for all of your encouraging comments back in July.  For some reason they got stuck in a list that had to be approved????  Usually all my comments come straight to my email.   I will add you to my prayer list chick.  I’m so sorry your heart is broken, but I know that you are trusting in the One who can heal it.  Add me to your prayer list.  As soon as we get placement for my mom, we are relocating her here.  Big Texas Hugs to you sweet lady!!

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