Faith Art Friday ~ Wild Flowers

It’s fun to let my imagination go wild!

Sometimes I need to step out of my productive work-artist role and simply play like a child. In these moments, I’m freed from pleasing others, and I create just for exploration and discovery.

When I see amazing beauty like colorful birds, flowers, and metallic beetles, I imagine that God must have had fun creating the world… For Him, creating is a beautiful process with perfect results. As He created the earth, the birds of the air, and the fish in the sea, He saw that “it was good!” All of untamed nature, the wild beasts and the wild flowers were good!

Creativity, it’s good theology; it’s what God did in the beginning. The essence of creativity is essentially risk, believing enough to leap into the yet unseen. The theological term for this is faith.

Ann Voskamp

Sometimes it’s good for me to release myself from the expectations of a masterfully artistic result. But, what is truly good is the simple act of creating, being driven to be more like Our Creator. When I think of it this way, I am honored, humbled and grateful that He fashioned me to be like Him. This is the ultimate satisfaction of creating!

This Wild Flower was inspired by an illustration I found on Pinterest. I splashed puddles of watercolor on paper and blew on them with a straw, light colors first, then limited, dark colors on top. After drying, I used a brush to turn the colorful blob into a flower. It was so much fun that I made a handful of smaller versions as greeting cards.

Each flower turns out differently, blossoming before your eyes.  I encourage you to try this technique! It would be especially fun to do with children, novice artists, friends, or as a warm-up exercise before a workshop! Enjoy making a rainbow of wild flowers!

Creatively Yours,


  1. How exciting to see your first Faith Art Friday Laura – my favourite posts of all – sharing your ‘art from the heart’ inspired by HIM! I love this creative image and the fun technique – you reflect The Creator beautifully! God bless you my friend! {{{hugs}}}

  2. Amazingly vibrant colors Laura!! These notecards are treasures of blooming beauty!

  3. MariLynn DeGroot says:

    Faith Art Friday!!. Yea!!!!
    I love the flowers that you created!! I love the random look that the blowing of the paint puddles. They kinda made me think of rainbow thistles. Have a blessed day my friend!!

  4. Oh my goodness! There you go again! These words of inspiration and encouragement…..and the timing!! The timing is so important!!
    I knew God brought FAF to mind for some reason!!
    And the art technique is just what I need to add to the list of ideas for my budding artists! TY!

  5. Oh how fun Laura!!! I was tickled to see FAF again and loved reflecting on the idea that God had fun when creating too! LOVE this technique and I will have to try it when I get more watercolor paper. Just ran out! 🙁

    Blessings and hugs,

  6. Thank you Laura for this – your thoughts and your art – you have blessed me with both.

  7. That looks like so much fun Laura!  Seeing Faith Art Friday put a smile on my face!  Love it

  8. What an inspiring post! Faith and art all in one!!! 
    Love the flowers, great technique! Hugs and blessings!

  9. I am blown away by these “flowers”! How beautiful and especially when it is inspired by our Creator!!! What beautiful praise through art!!! Thank you so much for sharing and making our corner of the world bright.

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